Building Design Workshop

Architecture and Planning


Building Design Workshop  offers a friendly service to developers and home owners alike. The initial consultation is usually free and will involve a site visit to determine the needs and services of the project. Based in Surrey, the workshop aims to develop locally and welcomes enquiries about projects relating to the surrounding area. After the initial consultation and discussion of ideas, advice will be given regarding costs and timescales for design options, CAD drawings, and Planning Applications, etc, and there is no obligation to take the project further.


Building Design Workshop approaches projects from a design led standpoint. Each project has a unique set of requirements and opportunities and we believe that our design solutions should similarly deliver unique solutions to the brief's aspirations.


Good design goes further than delivering obvious solutions – it should also innovate wherever possible - and at Building Design Workshop we look at ways to produce building designs that look good, work well, and offer the best environments for building users.

The workshop process is a collaborative one that believes that opinions matter and add value - good architecture evolves out of a rounded team effort.


 The Building Design Workshop is committed to producing modern Architecture and aspires to  re-examine ways of living, learning and working through it's Architecture.

 Building+Design+Workshop Ltd is a Private Limited Company (no. 8249510)